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Restore Your Health at Home

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  • Renew You Online

    Valid for 6 months
    • 10 Modules (56 Lessons)
    • Bonus Guest Speaker Module
    • 10+ RY Worksheets
    • 7 Day Meal Plan
    • Product Recommendations
    • Private Membership Area
    • Renew Community

Are you ready to say GOODBYE to:

  • Low energy;

  • Fatigue;

  • Low libido;

  • Gas;

  • Bloating;

  • Painful periods;

  • Heavy periods;

  • Menstrual cycle irregularities;

  • Insomnia;

  •  Never knowing what to eat?

  •  Food confusion?

Renew You Online

And HELLO too:

  •  Eating delicious, nutrient dense foods that therapeutically support your biology as a woman.

  •  Having balanced energy throughout the day, every day.

  •  No more mood swings and crazy sugar cravings.

  •  Embodying what a truely healthy woman looks and feels like.

  •  Enjoying food freedom without the guilt.

  •  Having better, deeper and restorative sleep.

  •  Improved digestion, hormones and metabolism. 

  •  A healthy libido, a strong mind and a deeper connection with the feminine energy.

  •  The ability to trust yourself, your body and learn how to listen to it's needs.

  •  Never falling for diet culture again.

  •  Putting into practice a holistic and intentional life that helps bring longevity, vitality and abundance.

Then Renew You, was created for YOU!

  • Sugar cravings;

  • Mood swings;

  • Exhaustion;

  • Cold sensitivity; and

  • Difficulty sleeping.

  •  Fasting for days?

  •  Ridiculous restrictive diets?

  •  Expensive detoxes?

  •  Fistfuls of expensive supplements?

  •  Overtraining?

  •  Under eating?

  •  Kale salads?

How does Renew You Work?

Renew You focuses on a holistic and intentional approach to restoring balance within the body, so that you don't have to put up with this so called "normal" anymore! 

Renew You will teach you fundamental principles so that you can overcome them!


What my clients have to say...

Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 8.26.25 pm.png


YOU ARE SERIOUSLY A LIFE CHANGING LIFE SAVER!! Thank you so much. I am soooo excited for this new way of eating and actually loving it so much.

You are an absolute wealth of knowledge. Keep changing the world!

Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 8.27.08 pm.png


I honestly feel so much better already. Sleeping so well and waking up feeling energised. I am so excited for what's to come if this is just after a few days.

So excited for this journey!

Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 8.23.42 pm.png


I'm SUPER stoked about my period!!! Little to no pain.. like who am I!!? Wow just wow!

First time in years I haven't had to take anything for the pain and it's super light and different this time, I'm shocked!

Thank you so much already

Mountain Ridge

Let the Renewal Begin... 

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