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Meet Kate Back

Integrative Health Practitioner

I am an Integrative Health Practitioner (IHPL2), Certified Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Expert, with a Diploma in Health Science Naturopathy, . 


I was a nurse for 10 years before travelling down the holistic healing path. It was the birth of my first daughter that lead me down a more natural approach to health care as I wanted safer and gentler remedies for her. 


However, it wasn't until after the birth of my twin daughters and, undergoing breast augmentation that I started to suffer with chronic illness. I went to countless Doctors and Specialists and, none of them were able to give me any answers. They simply prescribed medications which only suppressed the symptoms for a short time. This form of medicine no longer resonated with me as I realised it was not healing me but, simply applying a bandaid. I wanted to heal and, I wanted to help others heal themselves. Relying on daily pharmaceuticals or even natural remedies, long term, is not in any way, good health. So I decided to find my own answers.


Through my education as an Integrative Health Practitioner, naturopathy, completing Functional Medicine Lab tests, removing my breast implants, countless hours of research, completing several protocols, studying nutrition and following a bio-individualized wellness and nutrition plan, I have been able to get root cause answers for my health complaints. As a result, I've watched my symptoms fade away, and seen my overall health and vitality improve with every new day. I want this for you too. 


My goal is to use Nutrition, Naturopathy, Functional Medicine and Integrative health approaches so that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your health. I want you to walk away after working with me with the education to be your own health advocate and, to have vast improvements with your health. Even better, to have reached total body wellness and achieved your health goals. I dont want you to be on countless supplements forever. If you were, then I haven't done my job.

I am confident in the care I can provide you, however, I will never claim to know everything and I will never lead you astray. I want you to feel your absolute best, so, I will give you my absolute best. I have a strong passion to help you find the true root cause of your symptoms and, assist your body to heal itself.

In health,

Kate xx

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Our guiding symbols

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mortar & pestle

The mortar and pestle is one of the great symbols of apothecary; the historical preparation of medicinal ointments and tinctures. This represents our desire to use traditional and natural approaches for health care.

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The Ginkgo tree has the longest botanical history of all plant species and is the oldest living tree species on earth. Due to its resilience and strength, this magnificent tree symbolises longevity, vitality and hope. Something we want for all our clients. 

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winding road

Achieving optimal health and wellness is a journey. It is a road to living a better life, while healing is not always linear, it is a road worth travelling. A journey we would love to guide you on.

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